Beyond the numbers

Teaching is a challenging profession. Put simply - it is hard work, requires massive amounts of personal time and takes a lot of energy - both physical and emotional. Every now and then we need to recharge our batteries.  The thoughts expressed in these posts do that for me.

"The Feel Goods"

These posts feature videos from the web that are undeniably “feel good” in nature.  None of them were designed with education in mind – but all of them have a message with relevance to educators. We do not program robots – we teach children.  These short videos emphasise the impact that our acts of kindness can have on each other.

The Most Important Sticky Note You'll Ever Read?
A wonderfully simple concept very well executed and with more messages than you can fit on to a sticky note.

The Kindness Boomerang
A wonderful feel good video. Takes only a minute or two to view - have you ever stopped to think about the impact of one simple act of kindness?

Not really about teaching at all - but this video is all about making people feel good about themselves, and isn’t that an important role of the teacher?

Some observations about the nature of schooling...

Sometimes school is stupid
Based on experience - ever stopped to see school through the eyes of a child?

Real life is not virtual - or the best cartoon EVER
The title says it all really.  It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Some say so much much more...

Talking of teachers

Some wise … and unwise... words about teachers.

“The interruptions are the job”

A direct quote from my first principal - and a reminder about what is really important in the job.
Do we blame dentists for tooth decay?

Not really a “feel good” piece - but a reminder that teachers do not have sole responsibility for student success.