Thursday, November 8, 2012

The second most important word in education?

It has been said that the most important word in the language is a person’s name.  And it is probably true - we all respond well to the use of our name, we feel that the speaker knows us, which makes us feel valued.

But, at  professional development session recently with Dylan Wiliam, author ofEmbedded formative assessment”,  he mentioned a word he ranks as the most important word in education.  “Yet.”
It is a simple word that carries a powerful message.
Consider the child who says “I can’t do this.”  The educator’s response is “Yet."

The message is clear - this simple word sends powerful messages;

  • You may not be able to do this task now, but with effort and practice you will be able to.  
  • You have the capacity to do this.
  • You can improve.
  • You can get better.
  • You can and will learn.
  • Making an excuse is not an escape -you can and will learn this thing.

What a simple way to deliver a powerful message - possibly the most effective way of sending this message I’ve come across - yet.

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